What is Boovox?

We are an organization willing to create online cultural participation processes to aloud citizen’s participation in government decisions, and to make easier the booking of musicians and artists.


Boovox is a project born from the need of promoting culture in a global crisis context. Boovox offers online participative processes that help reducing logistical costs to public administrations.

This app promotes people participation in public affairs to improve institutional services.

One of the main objectives we pursue with this app is making easier contracting shows. At the same time, the app helps reducing costs and optimizes management and cultural dynamic budgets.

Boovox aloud artists to publicize their work through our platform. This way you can become a candidate to cultural participative processes.

Who is it aimed?

Signing in at Boovox is for free and alouds you to create an specification sheet whether you have a manager or you sign in as an artist. Nowadays we can only accept musical groups, but in the future we’ll open up to other cultural fields such as theatre, dancing or cultural activities for children, among many others.

Sign up here

Institutions willing to create cultural participative processes:

Our platform aloud institutions and companies to apply for a license to create cultural participation processes by using Boovox artist’s database. The app aloud you to publish all the process, once the artists confirm their participation.

How to create the participative process?

Follow the next steps to create your participative processes:

  • Title, description and details of the participative process
  • Select artists from our database
  • Confirm preselected artist’s availability through Boovox.
  • Confirmation and validation of candidates.
  • Publish the poll at your own web or with a personalized link at Boovox.
  • Closing of the participation process and statistics consultation.

Mail contact for any further information.